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Amputation Claims

On some occasions, a clinical mistake by a Surgeon, such as a failure to plate a bone at the right angle, can lead to the loss or partial loss of an arm or a leg. Poor surgical practice can also lead to the development of compartment syndrome, or other problems which can also lead to the loss of a limb.

It goes without saying that losing a limb or part of a limb is extremely traumatic.

It can create tremendous problems for people in their everyday lives and can cause serious financial difficulties if it affects the injured person's ability to work, or carry out their everyday functions.

At Fylde Law, we have considerable experience of dealing with amputation claims and potential amputation claims. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or by our quick link, to discuss your case without obligation or charge.

We hope that the answers we've provided to the following Frequently Asked Questions will be of help ahead of contacting us.

Can you still act for me if there is a possibility that I may have to have my limb amputated, even if it is not certain yet?

Yes, we can. We are already acting for clients in this situation. It may not be clear for some time as to whether you will lose your limb. If we can help to save your arm or leg, we will do. We have access to some of the finest Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Surgeons in the world.

Alternatively, the possibility that you might lose your limb at a later date can be factored into any compensation award that you may receive, or your claim can be stayed to allow your clinical situation to develop.

How much compensation will I receive for losing my limb?

This is impossible to say. It depends on many factors, such as your age, the level of your salary and numerous other factors. However, awards for loss of a limb are most always substantial. It is rare for an award of compensation to fall below £100,000.00 and some awards will be greater than £1,000,000.00. Please feel free to discuss these issues with us.

Can I claim for any adaptations to my home, or specialist equipment?

Yes you can. We would ordinarily do this as part of our administration of your claim. If your home needs to be adapted, or alternative accommodation needs to be sourced, we can help you with this. We can arrange for a specialist assessment of your home and your needs, to ensure that your home incorporates the latest technological advances and adaptations. We can also arrange for a more appropriate car and motorised mobility aids if you have lost a leg.

Can I claim if I have lost my fingers, hands or toes?

Yes you can.We would treat this claim the same as any other claim. Frequently, the award for loss of fingers will be as great as an award for somebody who has lost their entire arm. The award for such an injury can potentially reach into a million pounds or more. We would be very happy to discuss your case with you.

If you would like further information or to discuss making a claim, please contact us on 01253 293 106, or complete our 'quick enquiry' form and we will be happy to have a no obligation, informal chat with you.

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