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Find a Common Assault Solicitor in Blackpool

There are many different types of assault offences which are determined by the level of injury and the manner in which they were caused namely either recklessly or intentionally.

Common assault is the lowest level assault and can be caused either verbally or by something as simple as a push. There does not in fact need to be an injury for this offence to be committed and these cases are only ever dealt with in the Magistrates Court.

Assaults which result in either Actual Bodily Harm (A.B.H.) or Grievous Bodily Harm (G.B.H.) can be dealt with in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court and usually these offences are often sent to the Crown Court where there is an allegation of more than one person attacking another or the use of a weapon or a serious fracture or wound.

If you are facing a charge of intending to cause G.B.H. then that can only be dealt with in the Crown Court.

The most serious assault is where death occurs and depending on whether the intention was to cause serious injury or whether you were reckless as to whether such injury was caused will determine whether you are charged with murder or manslaughter.

All of our criminal solicitors at Fylde Law have a vast experience and knowledge in dealing with all levels of assault and there are a number of defences open to you if you are charged with offences of this nature. 

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