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Care Home Claims

Can I claim back Nursing Home Fees paid by me or a member of my family?

Yes. If you or your family member has a medical condition or requirement which should be met by the NHS, but is being provided for by the Nursing Home where you live or used to live - then you may be entitled to claim back some or all of Nursing Home fees that you or your relative has paid.

Diabetes, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s are all good examples of conditions which can form the basis of an appeal for a repayment, but there are many others.

Unfortunately, thousands of residents in Nursing/Care Homes throughout the United Kingdom are being unlawfully made to pay Nursing/Care Home fees, which should be paid for by the NHS.

Fylde Law can help you re-claim Nursing/Care Home costs on a No Win/No Fee basis, where you will not pay us anything if we do not recover the Nursing Home fees you have paid. In 2012, NHS Primary Care Trusts paid back more than £10 million in Nursing Home fees which has been wrongly charged to residents in Care Homes all over England, Scotland and Wales.

Why might I be able to claim this money back?

For many years Local Authorities across the country have used different criteria for deciding whether residents in Care Homes are entitled to have their Care Home fees paid for by the NHS (something known as Continuing Healthcare), or whether they must pay for it themselves -either out of their savings or investments, or by selling their home.

Frequently, this assessment is or has been carried out wrongly by the Local Authority.The Local Authority may also have failed to re-assess a resident in one of their Care Homes properly and find out that the residents health has deteriorated and that he or she is now entitled to have their care paid for by the NHS and not out of their own savings.

How much can I or my relative claim back?

This will depend upon whether the Local Authority has actually made an incorrect assessment and when the incorrect assessment was made. It is certainly possible that you might be entitled to a full refund of all the money paid to the Care Home, if you or your relative were wrongly assessed when first entering the Home.

If you were properly assessed when you first entered the Home, but the Local Authority has failed to re-assess you or your relative subsequently, then you may be entitled to a partial refund of all the fees paid.

How can Fylde Law help?

At Fylde Law, we do not believe that it is right that an elderly persons home and savings should be used to pay for their Nursing Home fees. In almost every case the home and savings represents a lifetime of work. We believe that where possible, an individual’s wealth should be passed on to the people, organisations and causes that they hold dear.

Our committed team of Elderly Care solicitors work on a no win/no fee basis to recover the Nursing Home fees you have paid. We will not charge you if we do not recover any fees for you. We will also agree to limit any fees we do charge to a fraction of the fees we win back for you. We are also able to utilise specialist help from expert social workers and clinicians to assemble the evidence necessary to win back your fees.

Let Fylde Law help you recover your Nursing Home Fees today. Contact us on 01253 293 106, or complete our 'quick enquiry' form and we will be happy to have a no obligation, informal chat with you.

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