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Child Abduction

If you are separated from your spouse or partner and you believe that they may have taken your child out of the country with them, without your consent, then this is likely to amount to child abduction. It is also likely that your spouse or partner has committed a criminal offence by doing so.

At Fylde Law, we understands the extreme stress and anxiety our clients feel when they lose a child in these circumstances. Our priority is the same as yours, which is to reunite you with your child as soon as possible.

If you believe that your child has been taken to a country which has signed to the Hague Convention, then legal steps can be taken in those countries to help return your child to you as quickly as possible.

If there is no international agreement in place between the UK and the country where you believe your child has been abducted to, then we can instruct a specialist child abduction lawyer in that country to fight your case for you.

If your child is about to be taken abroad, then it is important that you get in contact with us immediately to instruct us to take action to prevent their removal. Taking quick action is of the utmost importance in child abduction cases and we ask you if you have any concerns about your spouse or your child, to contact us for free advice immediately.

We can obtain an urgent court order, preventing the permanent or temporary removal of your children. We can also prevent the Passport Agency from issuing a passport to your child, or place conditions on your partner or spouse when he takes your child abroad.

Fylde Law clients are also entitled to apply for Legal Aid, through our membership of the Family Legal Aid scheme. We can advise you as to whether you might qualify and help you complete and submit your application form.

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