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1. Can I get Legal Aid for my case?

The availability of Legal Aid depends upon the type of legal problem that you have. In April 2013, the public’s eligibility to claim Legal Aid through the Legal Aid Scheme was dramatically reduced. However, Fylde Law are still able to offer our clients Legal Aid for help in relation to most types of family matters, including Care Proceedings involving children, Injunctions, Contact and Residency, as well as for all Criminal matters. Fylde Law can also obtain Legal Aid for a limited number of our clients with housing problems.

Eligibility for Legal Aid is dependent upon your financial situation and generally speaking, you must be either in receipt of benefits or on a low income. The Legal Aid Board will also subject you to a merit test, which means that they must find that your case has good prospects of success in order to grant you Legal Aid.

2. Do Fylde Law carry out home visits?

Yes. If you are housebound or have difficulty in visiting our offices, then we are more than happy to pay you a visit at home. A prior appointment can be arranged.

3. Do you offices have wheelchair access?

Our Blackpool office is well suited for our disabled clients and those clients who utilise wheelchair, or mobility aids. We have a specially adapted toilet and washing facilities for our disabled clients. Similarly our Lytham office is easily accessible for the disabled. Please call ahead and let us know if you have mobility or other problems prior to your appointment and we will ensure that a member of staff is on hand to assist you.

4. Can we communicate with you by e-mail?

Yes, we are very happy to correspond with all our clients by e-mail and would prefer to do so. However, we can also correspond by way of whatever format you may prefer, including by telephone, text, letter or appointment.

5. What is a "no win, no fee " basis and can I instruct Fylde Law on this basis?

A "no win, no fee” agreement is sometimes called a Conditional Fee Agreement. The regulations in relation to Condition Fee Agreements have changed dramatically in 2013. Fylde Law still offer "no win, no fee” agreements to most of our clients involved in any kind of civil dispute or claim.

This includes Personal Injury claims, claims for Clinical Negligence, Botox and Cosmetic Surgery claims, Debt Recovery claims, Contract Disputes, Land and Property Disputes , Commercial Disputes, challenges to Wills, as well as many other areas of law. Fylde Law are unable to offer "no win, no fee” agreements in relation to Family and Criminal cases, or for matters such as Probate or House Sales and Purchases. Please see our specialist pages for these areas of law.

Please note that the vast majority of "no win, no fee” agreements offered by Fylde Law include a 100% guarantee that you will not pay a penny to us if your claim is unsuccessful.

6. Will I be able to find out from Fylde Law how much your administration of my legal matter will cost?

Yes. We will do our best to give you an indication of the likely cost of your claim at the outset. In most cases, it is likely that we will be working on a "no win, no fee” or on a fixed price basis and you will be fully aware of the costs to you before we even start work.

There are some cases where it is not possible to predict what the cost will be, but we will give you our best indication at the outset of your claim as to what those costs will be. We will up-date you regularly as to what those costs are and are happy to set a limit on those costs before we work on your case.

7. Can I set a limit on costs?

Yes. We are more than happy to agree a limit on costs. Fylde Law will not exceed that limit without your prior consent and agreement to do so.

8. Do Fylde Law see clients at their business premises?

Yes. We know from our business clients that their time is important and we are more than happy to visit our clients at their business premises and provide a cost effective solution to their legal needs.

9. What are the hours of opening?

Our offices are open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. The telephone switchboard is open during the same hours. Contact can be made to us via our website, 24 hours a day and for our criminal clients who have been detained at the Police Station, we have solicitors who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just ask the Custody Sergent for Fylde Law and we will be with you in minutes.

10. Where can I park?

There is lots of parking close to our Blackpool Office, including nearby on Edward Street, where there is metred short term parking. The nearest long stay car park is the Topping Street car park, which is approximately 30 metres away from our offices. There is a car park at our St Annes office on Clifton Drive South.

11. What are your areas of legal expertise?

Our experienced Solicitors specialise in almost all aspects of everyday law, including Family Law, Residential Conveyancing, Commercial Property and Conveyancing, Wills, Trusts, Probates, Personal Injury Claims, Clinical Negligence Claims, Slip & Trip Claims, Cosmetic Surgery Claims, Family Matters, including Divorces, Contact with Children and Relatives, Care and Adoption Proceedings, Domestic Violence and Harassment Injunctions.

We also have specialists in Employment Disputes, Commercial and Contract Disputes, Challenges to Wills and Probate, Professional Negligence claims including claims against other solicitors and many other area of law.

Please visit our home page and see the comprehensive list of services that we offer.

12. Can I only use Fylde Law if I live in the Fylde area?

No. Fylde Law have a nationwide client base. We also work for clients who are based overseas and are happy to help with you problem, no matter whereabouts in the UK or the world that you live. A Solicitors expertise is more important than location. If you have a legal need, we are more than happy to help you.

13. Do you offer Fixed Fees?

Yes. We offer fixed fees for our family clients where Legal Aid is not available, for Residential Conveyancing, for our Will writing services, for our Debt Recovery services, as well as for Housing Disputes. Even if it does not appear that we offer a Fixed Fee for the service you require, please call us and we will be very happy to consider offering a fixed fee wherever we can.

14. Can I change from my current solicitors to you?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the way your case is being dealt with by your current Solicitor, or you feel that the progress on you case is too slow, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to have an initial no cost meeting with you to discuss whether we can help you.

15. What should I bring to my initial meeting?

It would be helpful if you were to bring some form of identification with you. This is particularly the case if you are involved in conveyancing or any financial transaction in which we will be required to handle money on your behalf. You will need one item of photographic ID, such as a passport, or drivers licence. You will also need two items that show your residential address. This can be a utility company or council tax bill. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the ID that you have.

16. Can I pay you in cash?

As solicitors, we are subject to strict supervision from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are bound by a variety of Money Laundering Regulations. We are limited in terms of how much money we can safely take from you. Fylde Law has a policy of not taking more than £1,000.00 in cash from our clients, but it may be possible to vary this under special circumstances.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, then please feel free to call us on 01253 293 106, or complete our ‘quick enquiry’ form.

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