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Financial Settlements

When two partners divorce or separate, the financial arrangements they make between them can often be the most difficult and fiercely contested aspect of the process. These financial arrangements can include agreements relating to Child Support, Spouse Maintenance, Division of Assets and Property Transfers, as well as Pensions.

We recognise that such financial claims are tremendously important and can have a significant effect on how our clients live their future lives. We also understand that our clients have chosen us for our expertise in these matters.

At Fylde Law, we always try to encourage our clients to reach an agreement without involving the courts, either by discussions between the parties directly or between their solicitors. However, we recognise that this is not always possible and in such cases we can steer you expertly through an application to the Family Court, as well as being there to fight your corner when needed.

We have extensive experience of overseeing financial settlements on divorce, including cases where the assets have been worth millions of pounds. We can help you to swiftly reach a beneficial resolution of this part of your divorce and what's more we won't charge you the earth.

Fylde Law clients are also entitled to apply for Legal Aid through our membership of the Family Legal Aid scheme. We can advise you as to whether you might qualify and help you complete and submit your application.

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