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Crime Interview and Courts

Crime Interview and Courts

Police Interview

If you have been arrested or asked to come into the Police Station voluntarily for a police interview, it is very important that you ask for a solicitor.

Legal Aid is available to everybody in these circumstances, so it will not incur you in any cost to ask for one of Fylde Law’s criminal solicitors to attend with you at the Police Station.

The police interview is the most important stage of the process as this is when the police are investigating whether you are potentially involved in a criminal offence, and it is therefore very important that you are represented. On many occasions, we see people not asking for a solicitor because, in their minds, they do not think they have done anything wrong.

What you should bear in mind is that the reason the police are asking you in for an interview is that they suspect you have done something wrong, and this may be because another person has blamed you for an offence that they have committed in order to get themselves out of trouble. Unless you ask for a solicitor, you will not know why you are being invited in or why you have been arrested, and therefore, you will be possibly admitting offences for which there is no evidence against you.

All of our Criminal Solicitors are available for Free 24 hours each and every day, and we cover police stations throughout Lancashire and the North West.

Magistrates’ Court

All cases, from shoplifting to murder, start in the Magistrates Court. Our team will provide top-quality representation and guide you through every aspect of your case.
Legal Aid is available in the Magistrates Court, depending on your means and the offences you are charged with. If you do not qualify for legal aid, we can represent you on a private basis, usually on a fixed fee.

Crown Court

The Crown Court deals with serious offences. We have access to many experienced barristers to provide quality representation at Court. Our team have vast experience in dealing with serious and complex offences and will ensure your case is prepared to the highest possible standard. Again, legal aid is available for Crown Court work. It is means-tested, and you may have to pay towards your legal costs.

Our commitment to you

Fylde Law is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable legal advice and representation in a way that meets the ‘real world’ needs and circumstances of our clients. Put simply, offering legal services in the way that you want them.

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Our Commitment to You

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