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Child Care (Public Funding)

Child Care (Public Funding)

Our child care solicitors specialise in representing parents and family members involved in local authority care proceedings. Parents who have their children taken into care are entitled to legal aid representation and you should contact us as soon as possible should social services become involved with your family.

We provide representation at PLO meetings as well as in Court. A PLO (Public Law Outline) meeting is called when Social Services are concerned about the welfare of your children. The meeting is to allow Social Services to tell you of their concerns and give you a chance to make improvements to your parenting to safeguard the child. If the Local Authority is not satisfied with the improvements that you make, then they can apply to the Court for an order in respect of your children. Common types of Order include:

Care Order – places the child under the protection of Social Services and gives Social Services parental responsibility (which allows them to make decisions about the child’s upbringing and welfare) and allows them, if necessary, to move the child to foster care.

Emergency Protection Order – if it is considered the child is at immediate risk of harm, the Court can make an order giving the Local Authority parental responsibility.

Supervision Order – this obliges the Local Authority to provide advice and assistance to the main carer of the child

Special Guardianship Order – This order allows a person other than the parents to take responsibility for caring for the child and gives them parental responsibility. This type of order is often applied for by grandparents or other family members

Placement Order – This allows the Local Authority to place a child for adoption. It does not require the parent’s consent.

Fylde Law can provide advice and representation from PLO through to Court hearings. It is essential that you are represented throughout to achieve the best outcome for you and your children.

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