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Contentious Probate

Contentious Probate

The term contentious probate refers to a legal dispute or disagreement over the validity or administration of a deceased person’s estate. In the event of a death, a person’s assets, property, and possessions from their estate, and the executor (if there is a will) or administrator (if there is no will), is responsible for distributing the assets per the deceased’s wishes.

In cases where you think the will should be or may be about to be contested, Fyle Law can give you clear, simple advice on what your rights are, on what to do next, as well as represent you in court.

In some cases, there may be disagreements over the validity of the will, its interpretation, or the actions of the executor or administrator. The disputes can be complex, emotionally charged, and often involve family members or beneficiaries who believe their rights have been violated.

Our firm has extensive experience in contentious probate. Probate disputes can take many forms, including challenges to the validity of the will, claims for reasonable financial provision from the estate, disputes over asset distribution, allegations of breach of duty by the executor or administrator, and many others.

A judge usually decides contentious probate disputes after reviewing the evidence and reviewing the evidence. In many cases, however, a resolution can be reached outside of court by means of mediation or negotiation. A qualified probate solicitor is essential if you’re involved in a contentious probate dispute, as laws governing estate administration can be complex and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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