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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Unpaid bills and bad debts are a common problem for all businesses. If outstanding debts can be brought in promptly and cheaply, it can improve a business’s cash flow – sometimes making the difference between survival and closure. There is never a good time to be owed money, but in a time of recession and recovery, it can be galling to know that somebody has the benefit of your time and skill but has not paid you for it. We understand this is particularly hard for small businesses that need to be paid for their work but are confused or frustrated by the legal processes involved.

Fylde Law uses qualified solicitors for debt recovery, and we have a high rate of recovery of debt. At Fylde Law, we can offer our business customers and private individuals a number of services to help you recover your outstanding debts cheaply and quickly.

Managing Your Debtors

The chasing and management of outstanding invoices can place a heavy burden on your business’s resources and time. Chasing payment from people that you do business with and might still wish to do business with is never a pleasant task. At Fylde Law we are happy to deal with the management of your debtors.

Our hourly rate for debt recovery work is £255.00 plus VAT (at 20% or the prevailing rate if different).

The services we provide are:

  • Sending a formal letter of claim to the debtor. A routine letter of claim costs £255.00 plus VAT (at 20% or the prevailing rate if different) however letters for more complex or large debts may cost more.
  • Issue of Court proceedings for the money owed to you – this is billed at our hourly rate referred to above
  • Obtaining County Court judgment if the debtor does not submit a defense to the claim
  • Representation at trial if the case is defended – Fees vary dependent on the complexity of the case. Our hourly rate as referred to above would apply. It may be necessary to instruct Counsel for advice/representation
  • The administration and enforcement of a County Court judgement to ensure payment of the debt. Fees vary dependent on the complexity of the case and the method of enforcement used. Additional Court fees may also be payable which vary depending on the type of enforcement.
  • Timescales for debt recovery vary depending on the which stage the matter reaches. They generally take around three months if the debtor responds before proceedings are issued and around 12 months if we have to issue Court proceedings.

Disbursements may include:
Court issue fee – the court fee is dependent on the amount of the debt and any interest on the same. VAT is not chargeable on Court fees.

Amount of debt & interestCourt Fee
Up to £300.00£35.00
£300.01 to £500.00£50.00
£500.01 to £1,000.00£70.00
£1,000.01 to £1,500.00£80.00
£1,500.01 to £3,000.00£115.00
£3,000.01 to £5,000.00£205.00
£5,000.01 to £10,000.00£455.00
£10,000.01 to £200,000.005% of the claim value
More than £200,000.00£10,000.00

Other disbursement may include;
Counsel’s fees for advice or representation at Court. We would advise you as to the cost of Counsel’s fees should it become necessary to instruct Counsel. Counsel usually charge VAT (at 20% or the prevailing rate if different) on their fees.

Travel expenses – if it is necessary for the solicitor to attend Court on your behalf mileage is charged at 45p per mile and any car parking fees will also be payable. VAT (at 20% or the prevailing rate if different) is chargeable on travel expenses.

A Letter of Claim

This is a formal solicitor’s letter detailing the precise amount of money owed to you and the legal basis upon which the money is owed. The letter contains a clear and unequivocal threat of court action if your debtor does not make immediate payment. In a high percentage of cases, this letter alone is sufficient to make sure the debtor repays you. This service also includes a chaser letter to follow the letter of claim in the hope that this will ensure that your debt is recovered without the need to issue a formal court claim.

Issuing Court Proceedings in the County Court

Fylde Law can offer you a service to conduct your claim in the County Court, to obtain a County Court Judgment against your debtor for whatever sum is owed, plus court fees and some legal costs. The cost of this service depends upon the amount being claimed and the complexity and nature of the debt. Please call or email us for more details with regard to this service.

Why use Fylde Law?

Fylde Law Solicitors have considerable experience of debt recovery for our clients. We utilise all measures available through the court and elsewhere to ensure that your debt is recovered for you. This not only includes the administration of your debt and a court claim, it also includes the enforcement of any judgement against a debtor for you. Enforcement is frequently necessary because the order of a County Court Judgement does not guarantee your debtor will pay you the money he owes. If he does not pay you after the CCJ is ordered against them, then the Judgement must be enforced. Enforcement includes a range of measures such as the instruction of Bailiffs to recover property to pay your debt, freezing orders on your debtor’s bank accounts and bankruptcy proceedings against your debtor to recover your money.

Problems and Pitfalls with Debt Recovery

It is important that you realise that there is nothing to be gained by pursuing a debtor who has no money and will not be able to pay. You should always consider whether he is able to pay prior to instructing us or commencing any kind of action against them.

It is also important to consider the type of organisation your debtor belongs to. Is it a limited
company? Is it a partnership? Is it a sole trader or a private individual? Do you know whether he has any assets, such as a home, motor vehicle or company property? Is the company or business a profitable business to the best of your knowledge? Part of our service to you is to help gather this information, but the more information we have about your debtor, the more likely we are to be able to advise you at an early stage as to the best method of recovering your debt. It will also maximise our chances of being successful in our actions.

What shall I do now?

If you, personally, or another business or private individual owes your business debts, you should contact us on 01253 730 070 or by emailing us using the ‘quick enquiry’ form at the top of this page.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss what is best for your case. The cost of recovering your money will depend upon the amount of work which we do. Sometimes the money can be recovered quite quickly. Sometimes, the chosen method of enforcement involves a lot of work.

If you would like advice tailored to your case, please contact us on 01253 730 070.

Our commitment to you

Fylde Law is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable legal advice and representation in a way that meets the ‘real world’ needs and circumstances of our clients. Put simply, offering legal services in the way that you want them.

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Our Commitment to You

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